Goodbye (Insert Name Here)

For some personal privacy, the blogpost'S title was changed :D but the title has the thing that happened to me just now, on my previous blogpost, I talked about forgetting Someone, And thats why I think this song by Owl City is the perfect song for me

Its still hard, For goodness sake, I see her everyday!

The lime light

I just partied my ass off!

The gowns, the tux, the tie, everything you need to have a red carpet party, it was great, the most fun I ever had,

Then, when you think everything cant be more fun, we were sent to the spotlight to dance, we had fun,

We had great food, enough to fill my tummy to its content, then, when we were eating, I noticed someone came in the door, and there she was, I was stunned, and was stopped from getting my spoon to my mouth.

("I thought you had enough?")

Then I remembered, I looked away and ate my food, barely cleaned my plate.

("I thought you admire her?")

Instead of watching the program, I was glimpsing at her,

("Hey make up your mind!!")

The last part was to freestyle dance on the dancefloor, we all danced our asses off, then took pictures with our tux, gowns for the girls.

Before dancing, I looked her up if she was still at her table, and then danced myself to forger.

She left..

Not even leaving a glass slipper for me to hold on to..

Love for your friends

Love comes in all shapes and sizes,

we love our families, we love our friends, and we love someone special,

we love our families because they are the ones that took care of us until we are who we are right now, we love them for who they are, but sometimes we reject loving them because of their behavior, but we love them if possible.

we love our friends because they are the ones that helped you mold your personality you have today, they are there to make us laugh, they are there when we cry, thats why we love our friends.

we love someone.. well.. i loved that someone because of that "something" that i felt the first time i laid eyes on her, i admired her from afar, but i have to stop this madness,

ohhhhhhhh life..

The one writing the story

whaaa, I couldnt asked for more!

Im depending on the one who will write my love story, you and I know who HE is. I know its a great one, thats why its taking time :D, I think that a chapter of that story just happened without me realizing it.

I came early..

I waited for my friends..

I bowed my head, hoping to catch some z's.

I looked up..

and there she was,

"Chills run down my spine"

I said to myself, "this is it, ill talk to her".

Thats what I said too after going down and drank some orange juice, I passed onto her when I got down, when I went back up, she was nowhere to be found.

I loved what just happened..

I hate my reaction..

Im a coward, chicken!

I let that opportunity slipped by, but life goes on, tomorrow is another day, I have to put on a happy face again, just like this (//.^)

Up for a roller coaster ride?

Whaa, the spell is coming back to me! yey! *ehem*

I know I haven't posted any updates to this blog this past weeks, that's because I turned my back on the main purpose on why this blog was created.

I thought I'll never talk to her again, im surprised that *pop*, and there I was, it was good to have a talk with her again, yes, im happy, not exited, happy..

As the story unfolds in my very eyes, I walk with caution, knowing..

"Cause eveything is never as it seems"

You Rock My World

Lets face it, Music is POWER!!
haha, I got this from an add at gagabux ->
that ad made me thinking, and its right, music IS power! in fact, music can hypen up a human in many aspects.

Music is used in rowing boats, if your familliar with the "Dragon Boat", then thats what im talking about, they row their boat to the beat of the drum, so they row synchonically, because without unity, that boat aint going nowhere :).

Music is used at handicraft workshops, when workers sing together a specific song, thier working speed will whoppingly increase by 30%, I dont know that specific songs though, got a little time for research, but you know what I mean.

Music is commonly heard everywhere, in fact, you always bring music in you, you sing when you feel like it, you play it with your music player that's always in your bag/pocket that you would'nt be caught dead with, thus, making you feel a certain emotion, depending on the genre of the song your singing/listening to, I recommend the tracks of the band above as you can see

their songs really are good, specially for those who are in love, really has that unexplainable happiness when you listen to ther songs, makes you feel all alive and stuff inside (//.^)

well, all is not rainbow and cupcakes, there are songs that's meant to melt your heart not by love, but by bits and peices, "Like a broken glass that cuts through your pulses" (//.-)

The Last line of Defence

As The war continues, drastic times calls for drastic measures, when the enemy gets too close to your home base, a "Last line of Defence" is put into action, all of the best of the best is here to prevent the further penetration of the enemy onto your base, which is likely happening now, its not a war, its most likely...

My lovelife, as it is like a battlefield for me, wherein victory is not an option, where I need to do whatever it takes to survive, slowly, it feeds of the life out of me, making me a more fragile person, luckily my "mask" can hide off this "war" inside of me. but my mask is getting weaker and weaker.

As I thought all hope is lost, a troup came in with a blinding light, it was my last line of defence, My Friends, I could'nt beleive that I would react in such a way towards my friends, their really fending off the feeling thats been corrupting me, I thank them sincerely from the bottom of my.. umm.. hypotalamus :)

They really helped me alot, even though they dont know what im going through right now, they help me forgot, I've totally forgotten about her on that time, I can't thank my friends enough, if this keeps up, I may win the war.

"Who am I kidding, I might've won the battle, but not the war"